We make and provide professional mascots for any type of entertainment, including mascots for school and sporting events, parade and festival events, corporate events and birthday parties. Our service includes costume and mascot design and maintenance.

Flexibility and Comfort
Our mascots are user-friendly, flexible to move in and very comfortable to wear. The costume is constructed with properly fitted, pliable materials that allow the performer to move around easily which is particularly important for the head and feet. The performer should be able to move the head easily in order to appear more animated, as well as to see better. T o allow easy head movement, quality mascot heads are built around a helmet that straps to the performer’s own head.

To ensure comfort, the costumes are made with lightweight, breathable and non-absorbing foams and fabrics. Ventilation openings are added as well to provide good air circulation. This is needed to offset the heat generated inside the costume in a highly active environment.

In order to survive an active lifestyle and keep looking great, our mascot costumes are made of durable materials. All of our costumes are made with state-of-the-art materials that are durable, flexible, lightweight and comfortable for the performer.

The safety of your performer should be paramount when selecting a mascot costume. In addition to selecting a costume that is well ventilated (to prevent heat exhaustion) and lightweight and flexible (to prevent undue body strain), you will also want a costume that allows the performer maximum use of his senses. For example, a performer’s vision will always be restricted inside a mascot costume, especially his peripheral vision. We at FCN Designs can minimize these restrictions as we incorporate them in our mascot design.

Easy to Maintain
Even the most durable mascot costume can suffer damage during regular use. And all mascot costumes get dirty, both inside and out. Because of this, you will want a costume that is easy to maintain. Our mascot costumes are designed for quick and easy maintenance. All our costumes are made with machine washable fur bodies and hand washable body liners. Our costumes also come with a complete set of cleaning and repair instructions.

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