What are the Higantes
The Higantes are huge mascots that stand as high as ten feet tall. They can walk, run and dance around in any occasions such as town fiesta, festivals and other special events. Fitted with colorful costumes, they are highly attractive and entertaining to both the young and old audiences.

The Higantes have the combined appeals of point-of-purchase, outdoor and roving advertising and attention-getting usefulness of visual merchandising. The Higantes are economical, reusable and mobile advertising medium promoting products, services and businesses in any chosen location at any given time and occasion.

Physical Features
Higantes are made of papier mache or fiberglass head, aluminum and wooden body. They are usually dressed with colorful costumes and other accessories representing the products or services of sponsoring companies. For promotional purposes, they are fitted with posters and banners of products and logo of sponsoring companies.

Marketing Advantage
Higantes provide advertisers and sponsors with the following advantages:

  • Promotes products and services while at the same time entertain the audience. It can walk, dance, run and perform various acts.
  • Serves as tourist attractions during town fiestas and festivals.
  • Provides visually appealing outdoor or indoor attractions and is very visible even from a distance.
  • Promotes and enhances cultural heritage and tourism potential.
  • Highly mobile, reusable and economical way of advertising.
  • Provides lasting impression to audiences.